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Good year for big deer

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We’ve seen a lot of good deer brought in to the Simmons’ Big Buck Contest so far this year.

Earlier this week, Cory Yarberry brought in this 13 point that scored 167 3/8 and is currently leading the men’s rifle division. Cory nailed the trophy in Cleveland Country, AR. Check out the leaders on the Simmons’ Big Buck link on our home page.

And don’t forget to bring your big deer by the store to have it scored. You could be one of the winner’s of thousands of dollars in prizes and merchandise.



Day 9: Still not much luck

ducksmedium.jpgWe heard a few good reports of duck hunting in the fields around Mer Rouge today. We didn’t go in the rain, but the folks that did had some success. Those that did seemed to have not been in the areas they were hunting for a few days and that played an important part. This busy weekend at work has kept us hemmed up, but we are going to get back in the swing this week. Hope the ducks do the same.

There just aren’t a lot of folks hunting because the ducks have been scarce and scattered and this rain is making it hard to get motivated to go. Hopefully the cooler weather later this week will bring some more ducks in and make it more like going duck hunting.

Arkansas closed today and our first split in the East closes at the end of next weekend so maybe we will get some good days in before that.

Stay tuned and we’ll bring you the news about ducks in our region. Be safe.

Day 8: Ducks scarce

Saturday was another tough day on duck hunters. We didn’t get to go again because of the huge weekend at the store, but we talked to lots of folks. It was just plain slow. I don’t remember ever having this bad of a first split, but it’s just a combination of things like the full moon, lots of rain right before the season and continued hot weather.

I did hear some good reports from off the Ouachita River. Some mallards are in the flooded timber. I talked to one group of five that killed 30 early this morning. But for the most part, it’s slow. The folks up at the Cache River in Arkansas even report slow hunting and that’s real unusual. The ducks are just still further up north for the most part.

Arkansas closes tomorrow and then next weekend our first split ends. Maybe the weather will bring in some more ducks and they’ll get to rest a bit and we’ll have a great second split. Be safe.

East Zone:
Nov. 21 – Dec. 6;  Dec. 19 – Jan. 31 (Including Catahoula Lake)

Coastal Zone:
Nov. 7 – Dec. 6;  Dec. 19 – Jan. 17

West Zone:
Nov. 14 – Dec. 6;  Dec. 19 – Jan. 24

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Day 7: Few ducks, many shoppers!

Not much to report today. There apparently weren’t that many ducks killed Friday morning, but there were plenty of people trying. This is usually a big weekend for duck hunters with the holidays. But things aren’t what we have hoped for. We did have lots of people getting geared up for hunting and Christmas. It was a super busy day at the store and we are grateful for that. We appreciate our customers and want to do anything we can to make your hunting experience a pleasure and successful.

It’s the first day we did not get to go to the blind because of the big shopping day.

We talked to dozens of hunters and found mixed success. Some of the rice field produced good kills early, but some didn’t. There was also good success at McGowan Brake and some of the areas off Hwy. 15. We need a good cold front to bring us some more ducks.

Stay tuned here for daily reports!

Day 6: Thankful, but hot!

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 6.58.05 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-26 at 6.59.27 PMNothing beats getting to go duck hunting on Thanksgiving Day, unless maybe it’s going duck hunting when it is NOT  70 degrees right after a week of a full moon! We almost got eaten up by mosquitoes today and we only killed 10, but it was fun. I had a rare day off from the store, but we hit it from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday. Hope to see you there.

As for the ducks, it looked promising early. I bet we had 3,000 ducks fly over us about two treetops high right before daylight, but they headed right for the refuge and never came back. We had a good number of ducks early, but they shut off about 9. I can’t remember ever having a season when ducks were in late-season form the first week of the season. But that’s what we’ve got.

It will get better! Hang in there. Be safe.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 6.59.07 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-26 at 6.58.35 PM

Day 5: Still tough, but hope ahead

IMG_0298We had another tough day today. We still got 14 ducks, but again had to really work for them. It was so still again early and that full moon is still wreaking havoc on ducks flying. It was about the same in most places according to reports we got.

The good news is that we are supposed to have a good south wind tomorrow. I think that last cool snap sent a lot of ducks further south, especially teal. I’m betting that strong south wind will bring more teal back up this way.

We are heading up to Arkansas in the morning and we’ll get you a report on how we do there. We’ve got a long season ahead of us. Make sure you are geared up and ready to go.   As a reminder, the store will be closed Thursday, but we will be open 8a.m. – 8p.m. Friday and 10-6 Saturday. Come see us and check out all the outdoor gear!

This is a day to county your blessings and give thanks.

From our family to yours, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Validate and win!

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 7.14.18 PMValidating deer harvest information with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) is very important. The LDWF uses that data to set seasons and limits. In recent years, it is highly suspected that a large number of deer go unreported. That could lead to lower limits and shorter seasons.

During the 2015-16 deer season now in progress, Louisiana deer hunters have the added incentive provided by the Validate to Win Contest. Any hunter who validates his/her deer tag information within seven days after harvest will be automatically entered for an end of season drawing for prizes, including a deer rifle package and lifetime hunting licenses.

“We’re encouraging deer hunters to supply the vital information we need to manage the state’s deer population,” said Jimmy Anthony, assistant secretary, Office of Wildlife. “It is every successful deer hunter’s obligation and requirement to validate their deer harvest.”

Hunters must record the date of harvest and the parish on the carcass tag. The tag must remain attached to the deer while kept at camp, or while it is transported to the domicile of the hunter, or to a cold storage facility. Hunters who keep the carcass or meat at camp must also comply with the game possession tag regulations. Within seven days, the hunter must validate the harvest using the toll free validation phone number 866-484-4805 or the web link:

Also, make sure you bring your buck by the store and enter it in the Simmons’ Sporting Goods Big Buck Contest. Lots of prizes and categories. check out our homepage for more information.

Day 4: Duck hunters get “mooned”

IMG_0690This big full moon has the ducks feeding at night and when it’s this bright and clear, it’s hard for duck hunters to overcome that. If you haven’t gone outside and looked at it, you should. Man it is bright! In addition, we had no wind early today so it was a tough day.

We managed to kill 11 before we had to come in to the store, but it was work. There just were not a lot of ducks flying and the fact that not many people were hunting because of the weekday didn’t help either. Everybody we talked to reported pretty much the same thing.

Wednesday may not be much better either, but we will stay after them. You never know. This front coming in this weekend should push some more ducks down this way. There is also some snow and serious cold weather in the Midwest that could put on some flights. More people will be hunting over the holidays, so that should help as well.

Stay safe!

Day 3: Good day for ducks

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.49.39 PMThe third day of the season was a good day for ducks. Not for the duck hunters, mind you. A good day FOR THE DUCKS, wherever they were. It was a “hands in the pocket day” because of the freezing temperature and also because there wasn’t much shooting Monday.

We killed six ducks. That’s it. There wasn’t any wind and not much to tell.

It apparently was real slow for just about everybody. No wind is a curse. We’ve also got scads of water and not a ton of ducks, so when they get spread out in addition to poor conditions, it’s tough.

It will get better. Stay safe!

Check out our duck report

A lot of big deer are being taken in the area. Make sure and register yours in the Simmons’ Sporting Goods Big Buck Contest.

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