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Long live the streak!

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 10.58.06 AMThe streak lives! Barely.

I have killed at least one turkey, usually several, every year for the past 45 years. This year, it wasn’t looking good. With limited hunting around home and several trips to places like Missouri, Georgia and New Mexico cancelled because of the Covid pandemic, I was about to run out of chances.

A friend and I got to go to Texas for the last few days of the season there. He did better than me. He killed three (the limit there is four per hunter), but I was still blank. Then, in the last hour of the last day, I had one gobble twice, called him up and got him.

The streak didn’t get broken. It was a bit crazy because we were basically deer hunting for turkeys. We had to set up and let them come to watering holes or their regular stomping grounds. They weren’t gobbling much. They were just wandering around, kind of like in the wintertime.

In fact, there weren’t a lot of gobblers, but Texas is loaded with jakes. Next year should be fabulous out there. We would see 60-70 in a bunch and then 50 in a bunch. They were everywhere. I told the kids next year they will be so thick we will have to hunt with slingshots to make it fair.

I hope you had a good season. I know things were kind of restricted and it was a strange year. We’re gearing up for plenty of shooting sports and the coming Fall seasons. It won’t be long until it’s time to get in gear to prepare for them. If there’s anything you need, let us know. We’ll be glad to help. Thanks for your support of Simmons’ Sporting Goods. We appreciate your business.


One last chance

The Louisiana turkey season came and went and my streak of 45 years of killing at least one gobbler is still in danger. I didn’t get a bird, despite going several times. But the streak isn’t over. I’m going with some buddies to Texas next week and we’ll see what I can do out there. They’ve lifted the restrictions, so I can go back for the end of their season.

I’ve had some good hunts around here, but just couldn’t get a big gobbler close enough to get a good shot. I hunted with some folks on the old GP reserve and there are getting to be a lot of turkeys there. We had some working, but they were either with a bunch of hens or something would happen to scare them off.

It was a pretty good season around here in Louisiana, but it was strange. The stay-at-home situation had an effect on people even if hunting was open. Anyway, I’ll let you know how the Texas trip goes. It’s been really hot out there, but it’s going to cool off a little bit. I’m glad, but it wont get cool enough to keep the rattlesnakes from being a problem. I always keep one eye on the ground and one eye on the turkeys when we are out there late in the season.

Enjoy the outdoors. Stay safe. And we’ll let you know how we are doing.

It’s over Sunday

Sunday the Louisiana 2020 turkey season draws to a close. It’s been fairly productive for some, but high waters ruined many spots and it seemed like there were lots of “no gobble” days for some hunting grounds.

Just a reminder for hunters that the season is ending in Area A, which includes most of our area. The state’s two other areas have already closed.  Stay tuned. We’ll have a few more reports in the coming days as we recap the season here and talk about some opportunities in other states.

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