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Day nine: Weather wasn’t too kind

The weather wasn’t too kind to duck hunters today for sure.  It was a yucky day.  Sometimes you just have to write one off and wait for a better day. We may see some of those this week. Monday morning it’s supposed to be near freezing and a good bit of wind and sunny. Tuesday morning will be down in the 20’s. This should normally also push some more ducks our way but there aren’t a whole lot in Arkansas from what we’ve been hearing. We’ll try and get some reports on that this week.

If you go in the morning, bundle up and put that good insulated gear to use. Here’s a look at the 5-day weather forecast:

Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 6.29.46 PM


Day eight: the girls showed out!

Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 10.15.46 PM

We had some pretty good hunting Saturday. The highlight of the day? The girls showed out a bit!

We’ve still got a lot of teal and geese in the area. The approaching front may be bringing in some more ducks, but it also looks like it is going to just about zero out any chances for hunting in the morning, at least for me. I’m past sitting out in the pouring down rain and looking up into it for ducks. I’ll let some of the younger ones do that.

Be safe and stay after them. It’s gonna be winter this week and that can’t hurt anything with the ducks and it will sure help with the mosquitoes.



Day 7: Teal week?

It’s hard to believe the first week of duck season has come and gone. Seven days. They haven’t been great, but we’ve had far worse!  If we had to label it, we’d call it “Teal Week” because that is what most people have been killing everywhere in northeast Louisiana. Some have been hammering them and some have been getting skunked, but that is the way it usually is in duck hunting. Cold weather coming early next week should bring some wind, more water and a few more big ducks our way.

Friday was super foggy again and the rain didn’t help anything. A few folks still shot some, but it was a tough day. There are still a lot of geese being shot. This weekend may be a little bit better. If you go, shoot some ducks and have fun. And be safe.

One cool thing about the holidays is that it is a great time to go on family hunting trips. We’ve got quite a few hunters visiting the store and sharing about their family trips. We shared one yesterday with you. If you missed it, scroll back down to yesterday’s report. It was a good one for our family. It’s great to be in the blind with friends and family. It’s also great to see all the folks getting a chance to take the young ones, too, as a lot of you have been doing. These are the ones that will continue to preserve our resources and our sport! We’ll share a few photos of some of those below:

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 6.13.54 PM


Day six: A Happy Thanksgiving from the duck blinds

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 6.19.44 PMSometimes a picture says it all. The photo above was from our family Thanksgiving hunt and we had a blast. There were a lot of ducks flying and we hunted three blinds. One blind got 30, another 24 and another 22.  They were mostly teal, but we had a few mallards and gadwalls.

It was foggy early and that made them hard to see and there wasn’t any wind. If we would have had wind, I think every blind would have limited out. As it was, we finished by 8:30 and left them along after that. The good news for the weekend is that there are at least teal and a few other big ducks coming in. The weather will be a little tricky, but I hope you get to go after them.


We’ve got so much to be thankful for in this country. Stop and make sure you give thanks for all we have and that our country and it’s freedoms will survive for future generations. The very core of our rights as Americans are being attacked, especially the right to bear arms and pursuit of our outdoor sports.  So this year’s Happy Thanksgiving comes with a dual message: first, enjoy and be thankful; second, be willing to work to preserve your freedoms.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Simmons’ Sporting Goods Family.

Enjoy, be safe…and shoot some ducks.


Day five: Wind, rain and teal

Believe it or not, a few folks killed ducks Wednesday morning. But that storm that came through kept most duck hunters at home and most ducks from doing much flying. We did get a little more water which will help, but we need a lot more. It will be interesting to see what the weather change does as far as bringing more ducks. If you’ve looked ahead, it’s going to be in the upper 20’s and lower 30’s early next week. That may not bring birds, but it will sure make it feel more like duck season.

Most of the ducks in the area are still teal, but a few scattered mallards are showing up on folks lanyards. The teal offer some good shooting but hopefully the big ducks will show up soon. One quick reminder, if you didn’t go, spend a little time checking out your decoy spread and especially your blind to make sure it’s still brushed up.

It seems like goose hunting is the best bet right now. There are still tons of specks in the area and the three-bird limit this year makes it worth spending a little bit more time in the blind to try and shoot some. A lot of folks will be out the next few days with the holidays. Maybe we’ll get a better report. Stay tuned.



Day four: Still not much luck

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 6.29.34 PMDuck hunters are still having trouble getting anywhere near a limit of ducks. In fact, most are having trouble getting any ducks at all.  There just aren’t that many here yet and the ones that have been getting shot at a few days are getting more leery. The best shot is early in the morning and it’s still mostly teal. The geese are still here in big numbers if this change in weather doesn’t run them off. Hopefully if it does, they’ll come back. There’s still a lot of food in the area.

Hopefully hunters have more luck with their turkeys than the ducks. Keep your gear ready. It is gonna get better.

Wednesday morning isn’t looking like much better conditions, but Thanksgiving morning might be a good one.The unstable weather the next five-six days will make for some changes. Hopefully it will be change for the better with cooler temps and more water for the area. This week’s weather forecast:

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 6.18.06 PMBe safe.

Day three: Success is spotty

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 6.03.14 PMDuck season has been boom or bust so far. There were some spots with lots of ducks  and a lot of hunters that reported pretty much nothing. We are going to need a lot more water to get things picked up. Ducks seem to be flying earlier in the morning. We still haven’t had ideal weather yet, either, but that will come. There are a lot of teal in the area and these young hunters enjoyed some success with them. Taking kids hunting is the way we continue to preserve our sports and the love of the outdoors.

There are several areas around Mer Rouge and north that have a ton of geese. While the duck hunting has only been moderate, the goose hunting has been pretty good. When the specks are working, it is some kind of fun. And they are good eating, too.  That should continue until something changes in the food supply or weather. We are looking at some rain and a front coming through Wednesday. The wind may offer some better duck hunting conditions.

We still don’t have a lot of birds, but that seems to be the condition statewide. Remember you can start watching the Duck Report on KTVE TV each evening as well as keep up with photos and the report here daily during the season. Stay tuned. And be safe.





Day two: A good start for us

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 6.00.42 PMWe had a pretty good hunt for our first one of the year. As I said yesterday, we had to skip Saturday because of work at the store, but Sunday morning we killed 22 ducks and picked up three specks. The ducks were really flying early and by 7 a.m., we had 20 ducks. Our last bunch had eight ducks come in and we got five, so that was pretty good. We picked up the specks as singles at different times in the morning.

Several people had good mornings but most struggled from what I heard. We had a group on the other end of the farm that didn’t even kill a duck. I think it helped us that nobody hunted in the blind we were in on Saturday, so that made it better Sunday.

We need some rain bad so we can fill up these fields and hold a few more ducks when the come. The wind has been crazy, too. it hasn’t really blown for 7-8 days. There are a ton of specks around so there should be some good hunting. But we need wind to make them work.

Be safe!

2020 Day One: The Jeff Simmons’ Duck Report

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-11-29-57-amWell, for the first time since I was 14 years old, I did not go duck hunting on the opening day of the season. How crazy is that? To be honest, we weren’t expecting a lot of ducks Saturday and with the tax-free sales days  at the store, we figured it would be so busy I just couldn’t afford to be gone.  And it was. Of course, that’s a good thing for sure. We appreciate the support of our customers and we always try to fix you up with what you need.

We did have some guys go up on our place and one group of five killed 27 ducks. That’s the best report I got from anybody today. Most of those were teal, but it was ducks at least.  Most people I talked to bombed out on opening day. There was some good shooting up around Jones and a couple of hunters did well down off Hwy. 15, but if you didn’t have your water right, there just weren’t any birds. I have no idea whether they will keep coming this way or not, but I’m going to give it a try in the morning.

This weather is so crazy it isn’t good for ducks or deer  hunting, but it’s the season so we have to go!

There’s a new old twist coming to the Simmons’ Duck Report this year, too.  We will continue to do the daily reports here online every day of the season and we are also doing a Duck Report each afternoon on the KTVE News each evening Monday –  Friday. We’ll have more of that later. Stay tuned.

And above all else, be safe out there.


Don’t forget the Mojos!

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 11.55.00 AMThere may not be enough ducks in some places or enough water in others. And the moon phase may or may not be like hunters want it. But one thing is for sure, when duck season opens, waterfowl hunters will be there and hoping for the very best. And it isn’t always about killing ducks. Like they say in fishing — a bad day duck hunting is better than a good day at work. At least for a while.

So, hopefully you are all set up and ready to go for the duck season. If you are missing anything, come by Simmons’ and we will fix you up. Also, keep an eye on this site for the daily Jeff Simmons’ Duck Report, a long-standing tradition in northeast Louisiana duck hunting.

And while you are setting up the spread, don’t forget the Mojos!  A duck spread without the duck magic Mojos is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the jelly. And we’ve got a wide selection of them ready to go to the blind with you. Come by and check them out.

Be safe out there.