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Day 60: It’s a duck wrap.

Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 12.49.35 PMIt wasn’t a great last day of the season, but we did okay. And we talked to a lot of folks that killed some ducks. Overall, you’d have to be happy with that. We didn’t get but eight, but we saw quite a few ducks. It was mostly teal flying and not a lot of big ducks. That’s what we heard from others, too. We had a huge wind, but that sun just never popped out. That would have helped a lot.

Overall, it’s been an above average season. We had some tough days, but a lot of good days and a few great days. The weather never pushed huge numbers of ducks down our way, but we made the most of what we had. Most folks don’t hunt in the evenings, but there will be quite a few that get in that last hunt Sunday afternoon since you don’t have to worry about messing up tomorrow’s hunt! After that, the  2020-2021 duck season is in the books, or should we say, the duck bag. There are still a few special hunts left and some goose hunting, but the main body of work for the ducks in the East Zone closed today as the sun set.

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 1.44.58 PM


Day 59: Saturday results were slim

Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 3.45.00 PMWe always hope the end of duck season will be something special, but sometimes the season just goes out with a whimper. Saturday was weak. We killed ten teal and a speck, not what we were hoping for. But we’ve seen worse days. It was the same with pretty much everybody we talked to. Six here, eight there, 10 here….it wasn’t a good morning.

Sunday’s the last day so we’ve got to give it a shot. We are going to a spot we haven’t hunted but a couple of times and hope the ducks are in there. That seems to be the best deal if you’ve got that option. Whatever you do, be safe and go try and get ’em.


After the regular season closes in the East Sunday,  Jan. 31,  there are two more duck days for special groups in the East Zone. Make sure you follow regulations and are up -to -date on the requirements if you participate. There’s a Youth only hunt February 6 and a Veterans only hunt February 7.





Day 58: Friday limit

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 5.58.59 PM Two days to go Will duck season end with full straps or empty skies? 

We will know soon.

In the meantime, we had a great day Friday. We killed a limit of ducks — 22 teal and two gadwalls — fairly quickly. We didn’t wait around on the big ducks because we weren’t sure if they would fly or not. We had a good hunt, though. We did some some big ducks later, so it gives us hope for the next two days. There should be a heavy wind Saturday morning and that may help. Sunday is looking a little iffy, but with these ducks, you can never tell.

There’s no time to waste at this point, so make the most of the last weekend. Get after them and be safe!

Day 57: Heading down the home stretch

We spent most of the morning looking and scouting, but we stopped long enough to shoot a few wood ducks. We saw a lot of ducks flying and we were laying off our best spot until Friday. We eased by there and saw a good many ducks, so we are hopeful.

The good news is that we talked to several folks who had some good shooting this morning. That’s  a good sign. They also reported seeing a good number of ducks moving. During the weekend, the ducks that we do have will probably be flying good and there should be a lot of people hunting, so maybe that will help them keep moving. Double check your gear and get ready. And be safe. No duck is worth getting hurt over.

Wow. Three days left in the 2020-21 season. Let’s make the most of it.

Day 56: Tough with a capital T

It was tough today. Tough with a capital T. We saw a few birds, but couldn’t get them to work. Even the teal wouldn’t look at us today. I don’t know. It was just one of those days. We’ve got a pretty good plan for the last few days of the season and we are letting a couple of spots rest until then, but we are getting close. We were hoping to finish off the year with some great hunts and great reports, but we aren’t there yet. And time is running out.

The weather looks promising Thursday and Friday with some sun and a little wind. Maybe that will help. We did also talk to some folks up north of us that are killing a few more birds. Maybe some of those ducks will come on down here.  Right now the problem is we don’t have many ducks and they’ve seen every kind of blind and heard every kind of call.  When there’s no wind, it’s just tough. Here’s hoping for a better tomorrow.

Be safe out there. Here’s a look at the end of the season weather forecast:

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 6.01.16 PM


Day 55: Quick teal limit

We knew there weren’t many ducks, so just two of us went this morning. We did get a couple of good groups of teal early and got a two-man limit within an hour and we were out of there. We didn’t see  lot of ducks, but the big ducks we saw wouldn’t pay any attention to us. There aren’t a lot of people hunting, but we heard a few other similar reports.

It was a fun morning and it could have been worse, especially this time of the year.

Be safe out there. We need some new ducks to finish this season off right!

Day 54: Another yucky Monday

We didn’t hear of many people going hunting today and the reports we got weren’t good. There was a little wind, but not a lot of birds flying. We decided to let our spots rest Monday and maybe even tomorrow because it will be another yucky day weatherwise. The good news is there are still some birds in the area and the conditions are looking a lot more favorable for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday heading into the final weekend.

We’ll keep you up on what we know. We’re hoping for a few good days before the end of the season. Once again, places that have let the ducks rest seem to be doing the best because there just aren’t a lot of new birds coming our way. And the weather doesn’t indicate that they will be.

Be safe out there.


Day 53: It was a teal deal

IMG_4528It poured on us on the way to the duck blind, but it let up in time for a good hunt. We were covered with teal this morning and got a limit because of it. We ended up with 30 ducks, 28 teal and two mallards. We saw more big ducks, but the teal were the only thing that would even look at the decoys. I think we had too big of a spread for this late at this spot. Even the spoonies ignored us.  We did kill a limit faster yesterday, but this was still pretty quick hunting. It was a great morning.

Talk about tough. We had two hunters that forgot their waders and while knee boots help, duck hunting today wasn’t easy with wet feet. We’ll just leave it at that! The good news is that Jeff’s dog, Willow, got a good workout and did a great job. The only thing better than watching ducks work the decoys is watching a good dog work the ducks after you get them on the water. It’s part of what makes this sport so great.

We’ll get after them again in the morning. Be safe out there!


Day 52: Two days; two banded mallards

IMG_3526It’s always a thrill to kill a banded mallard, but it’s a special thrill to do it two days in a row. We did that the past two days. And we had another good hunt today. We had a four-man limit of 24 early. We shot a few teal, too, and that’s why we finished early. We saw some more big ducks later, so I think the rain got them up and flying. And they worked like they are supposed to!

We had a mix of teal, mallards and a couple of other big ducks.  We heard good reports from some other groups, too.

We are headed down the home stretch. Go when you can because soon, you can’t! The season ends this weekend.

Be safe.

And remember, you can catch the Simmons’ Duck Report on KTVE news right before the sports Monday – Friday.


Day 51: Yes sir! A good hunt!


Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 12.35.39 PMThis is why we duck hunt. Well, one of the reasons. We’ve been struggling all week, but today we got in a spot that hadn’t been hunted much and we got a five-man limit this morning. It seems like everybody has been having trouble getting ducks from the fields to the river even down to top-notch places like Honey Brake.

But Friday, we got on a spot with just a few decoys in the flooded timber and limited out. There was a mix of mallards, black jack, pintail, teal and gadwalls. There weren’t ducks just everywhere, but it was enough to make our best hunt in a while. It’s enough to keep us going through the end of the season. We probably won’t hit again but once, maybe twice, but it is good to know there are some birds there.

My suggestion for you this week is that if you have some spots in the woods or small field or somewhere that hasn’t been hunted, that’s where you need to try them. The big ag fields are just tough right now. It was still a yucky morning, but the ducks wanted to get in there and we got set up just right for them. I would rather it would rain than just be misty because the ducks work better in the rain. But we had a good hunt.

Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 12.36.28 PM