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Hitch Stabilizer use with 2
Hitch Stabilizer use with 2" receiver

"There is nothing more annoying and unsafe than the rattling and swaying caused by a loose-fitting hitch receivers. With Great Day’s new Hitch Stabilizer, all slack and movement can be eliminated with the turn of two screws. The Hitch Stabilizer slips onto trailer hitches, hitch haulers---any piece of equipment requiring the use of a 2” hitch receiver---no tools needed. With two stabilizing 3/8” screws applying vertical and horizontal pressure to the hitch, side-to-side and up-and-down movement is totally eliminated. The Hitch Stabilizer is constructed of high-carbon steel---strong enough for the toughest load!The Hitch Stabilizer installs in seconds and will provide years of dependable service.UPS shipping weight – 2 lbsUPS shipping dimensions ? 9 x 6x 3"

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