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American Strutter 3 Reed Mouth Calls

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    Cutter - The 3 reed cutter call is one that we all grew up calling on. One of the easiest calls to cutt or cackle on, this call also produces a great 2 note yelp and awesome kee kees!

    Henvious - This 3 reed modified V-cut mouth call is great for soft calling yelps, clucks, and purrs. the sweet hen sounds of henVious will have those old toms running green with envy!

    Sassy Sadie - Named after Jesse Martin`s daughter, Sassy Sadie is a 3 reed split batwing cut. Sassy Sadie is stretched tighter than our Ghost Cut, producing some of the best cuts, cackles, and exciting yelping you have ever heard. You will definitely be the sassiest gal around.

    Ghost Cut - This call is the on-stage choice of 2017 NWTF Grand National Calling Champion Jesse Martin. Designed and hand built by Jesse himself, this call can range from the prettiest kee-kees to the nastiest cuts. Jesse has spent the past year tweaking this call, adding a heavier top reed and a prophylactic reed on bottom.

    Carnage - Hand build and designed by Champion Caller Jesse Martin, this loose stretch 3 reed Combo Cut allows you to be very versatile with any turkey vocabulary. From Kees to cuts and excited yelps, you will bring Carnage in the the turkey woods! One of out favorite calls, and a must have in your turkey vest!

    Carnage 2 - The Carnage 2 is the sister to our best selling 'Carnage' mouth call. With the cut out on the right side and a little tighter stretch, Carnage 2 will produce every call in a turkey's vocabulary. Designed and built by 2017 Grand National Champion Jesse Martin.

    Blackhawk - Hand built and designed by Champion Call Jesse Martin, this loosely streched 3 Reed Split-V cut will allow for all turkey talk! From easy cuts and cackles to Raspy yelps and soft purrs, this call is easy to use for any scenario. The Loose Stretch Signature Series are all super easy to use, requiring only minimal air pressure.

    Lazarus - Introducing the new 3 reed call 'The Lazarus', designed and built by Grand National Turkey Calling Champion Jesse Martin. The Lazarus call is a very simple to use call, but produces every turkey call imaginable. It's a call that makes you wish you could raise him from the dead, just so you can use this call to call him in again.

    Gobble Call - This Kerry Elliott Signature Series 3 Reed Loose Stretch Combo Cut is the same call Kerry uses on stage for gobbling competitions. While known for it's ability to gobble using the 'Tooka' method, this call is also excellent for hen yelping, cutting, and cackling. An all around versatile call!



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