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American Strutter Pot Calls

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    Bobby Woods Series - Introducing 4X Grand National Calling Champion Bobby Woods' signature series crystal call! The laminated cherry and Padauk pot make not only a beautiful call, but an extremely realistic sounding crystal call as well! Crystal set over a Padauk sound board. Call comes conditioned, with a matching laminated striker.

    Curly Maple - 1st Place 2015 NWTF Norseman's Call Making Championship

    This is a call that you make sure you have in your vest every time you step in the spring woods! Ceramic is incredibly easy to play, but It can do anything and everything you want it to do in order to sound exactly like a turkey. It has an unbelievably realistic yelp with PLENTY of rasp on the back end and a strong high kee on the front. It is not only extremely beautiful, but it is one of the best pot calls you will ever have the pleasure of playing! Comes paired with a dymondwood striker.

    Bubinga Aluminum - New to 2016 is American Strutter's African Bubinga Aluminum over Glass. This is one of the best sounding turkey calls you will try! It has the high kee that you look for in an aluminum, but has one of the meanest breakover yelps you will find in any call. The pot is made of BEAUTIFUL African Bubinga, and it looks as good as it sounds. The density of this wood really brings this aluminum to life, and lets you reach out on those super windy days to reach those hard to hear gobblers. Comes paired with a Dymondwood Striker.

    Padauk Crystal - Here is our beautiful American Strutter 'Timeless Series Padauk Crystal' call. This beautiful wood highlights the American flag on the soundboard. The crystal playing surface is conditioned exactly where the call should be played to produce a beautiful two note yelp. This call gets down right nasty! Fire up that stubborn longbeard after a long slow morning with piercing cuts from this call. Or seduce him with soft purrs and clucks. This call can do it all!! The standard American Strutter logo is engraved into the back, and then it is sanded with a high grit sandpaper before adding a high quality finish!! Like all calls, it has call maker Chad Hoggle's signature double lip edges to help hold the playing surface in the slickest of conditions. No more taking off gloves just to play a call. This lip design will alleviate some of those headaches, even with the high quality finish applied. Comes paired with a Dymondwood 2 piece striker. Like all AS calls, it is signed and dated by Alabama Callmaker Chad Hoggle.

    Cherry Slate - This is our American Strutter 'Timeless Series Cherry Slate Call'. This call has an unbeliabely great rollover. It can talk soft like a slate is meant to, or it can get mean and raspy. Has a great front end 'Kee' and a super realistic 'Yaulk'. This is a must have for any turkey hunter's vest. Comes paired with a dymondwood striker w/ maple top.

    Walnut Glass - This is our American Strutter 'Timeless Series' Walnut Glass call. This beautiful call has a glass playing surface with a custom etched 'American Strutter' turkey logo on the playing surface in the exact spot the call rolls over. Creating a foolproof area on the call to produce the perfect yelps and cuts. Call comes with a two piece dymondwood striker.



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