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Ams Bowfishing Chaos Fx Arrow

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Our AMS engineered and manufactured, best-selling, Chaos FX point cannot be out-done! With its vibration dampening AMS Cyclone tip, super short body, heavy gauge wire barbs and stainless steel construction, the Chaos FX ensures a lifetime of durability and strength. The Chaos FX point is great for all fish, shallow water and all types of shooters, including those with lower draw weight. Its short length and narrow barbs require minimal penetration to engage the barbs in a fish. The barbs pivot to the side to hold the fish and release by loosening the tip. Complete Arrows have an EverGlide Safety Slide installed. The 5/16" Fluorescent Green Fiberglass Shafts are Hi-Vis to easily spot in the water and all are inspected for straightness with only the straightest shafts being used.

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