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Ams Bowfishing Lava Crux Ankor QT Arrow

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The AnKor QT has all of the features that serious bowfishers need when on the water. With its AMS Cyclone tip, a short body, stamped triple barbs and stainless steel construction, the AnKor QT is the ultimate bowfishing point!

Its barbs are collapsed on the shot and provide a small entry hole for great penetration. When engaged in the fish, the three barbs spread to 2" of holding area. Its best feature is its ability to release fish by turning the shaft.

The AnKor QT is great for all fish but is exceptional for softer fleshed or larger fish due to great penetration and holding power. Fish removal is amazingly simple! Even if the point is inside the fish, just make a couple quick turns of the shaft for the barbs to release the fish!

The AMS Lava Crux is the ultimate arrow shaft! It is an AMS engineered, patent pending, arrow shaft that provides more spine for a superior shot. The ultra-light Lava Crux carbon core with fiberglass wrapped exterior ensures that the carbon cannot splinter or break! Due to the controlled manufacturing process, the weight and straightness of each shaft is very consistent with the next. Even with the stringent straightness specs on AMS arrows, the Lava Crux surpasses all! Each shaft is manually inspected by AMS for straightness and is 5/16" in diameter and 32" long.


  • AnKor QT Point
  • Slime-Free Barb Release
  • Great Holding Power
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Rock Tested Cyclone Tip
  • 5/16" Lava Crux Carbon Cored Fiberglass Shaft
  • 32" Length
  • Yellow Shaft
  • AMS EverGlide Safety Slide

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