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Antler King Fall/Winter/Spring Food Plot Blend

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***Please note change in bag size. Now 17 lbs, plants 1/4 acre.***

FALL/WINTER/SPRING Blend is comprised of a special variety of winter peas and a unique variety of fall rye. These unique varieties grow extremely fast (can be 6"" tall in only 10 days) and stay green all fall and winter. If you are an avid hunter and are looking for an unbelievable hunt plot, this is it!!

WHY FALL/WINTER/SPRING? While other plants like oats or clover die or become dormant during the winter, FALL/WINTER/SPRING Blend will continue to grow and be in excess of 20% protein during this time period. Fall/Winter/Spring is unique in that it grows extremely fast, stays green all winter long and can provide a highly nutritious, palatable and digestible diet that can sustain intense graze pressure all Fall and Winter. The special variety of Fall Rye (cereal Rye) is a cool-season plant that stays green and palatable all Winter long. It is easy to plant and can withstand less than ideal soil conditions and still grow well and be extremely attractive to your deer herd. The special variety of winter peas found in Fall/Winter/Spring are a great compliment to the Fall Rye and offer quick germination, fast growth, and highly nutritious forage. Fall/Winter/Spring also offers the ability to be mixed with other Antler King® brand seed mixes as it does well in this environment and can be mixed with Honey Hole or Slam Dunk adding even more early and late season attraction!

NUTRITION: The Winter Peas in Fall/Winter Spring offer a 20-30% protein forage, are very cold tolerant and the entire plant (stem, leaves, pod) will be browsed and eaten by deer. The special variety of Fall Rye will offer a tender green food source with up to 15% protein and stay green all winter long. This combination of cool-season food sources makes Fall/Winter/Spring an extremely important Fall and Winter food plot mix for your deer and an extremely effective Fall and Winter hunt plot, as deer will congregate in this plot.


  • Unique annual blend that grows fast and stays green all winter long.
  • Contains Fall Rye and Winter Peas.
  • Unbelievable hunt plot.
  • Can be 6-8"" tall in 10 days.
  • Plant in fall only.
  • Will attract deer September thru January.
  • Great source of protein in early Spring to enhance antler development.
  • Recommended fertilizer is 19-19-19 or 15-15-15 at 300lbs. per acre.
  • pH should be between 5.5-7.0.

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