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Antler King Game Changer Clover

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GAME CHANGER CLOVER MIX is a minimum or no till perennial food plot mix that is very easy to establish, is tolerant to soil acidity, sandy soil and will grow in lower pH soils (4.8-7.0) in the North and South, making it an ideal mix for logging roads, power lines, shady areas and other hard to get to areas back in the woods.

WHY GAME CHANGER? Game Changer Clover is unique in that it can easily be planted without the use of equipment in the Spring or Fall and is a great mix for over seeding or frost seeding into an area in the Spring. Game Changer Clover Mix was designed with no till scenarios in mind and is comprised of 4 special varieties of clover and a variety of brassica, this is an ideal mix for deer and turkey that will last from 3-4 years. Game Changer tolerates dry conditions, can provide great yields and is not a threat to over-grazing as it can produce as much as 3-6 tons of high quality forage per acre per year (depending on soil conditions).

NUTRITION: At maturity Game Changer Clover can grow up to 2 feet tall and provide 20-30% protein (depending on soil condition) when deer need it most; during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Deer love the taste of these highly palatable clover varieties and the high protein content will greatly benefit, antler, body and bone growth. A first year planting will offer Winter food from the brassica plants, which can be a great late season food source as it will mature later in the year and offer high quality late season forage. Designed exclusively for whitetail deer and wild turkey Game Changer Clover is a preferred food source that will help keep deer on your property on a year round basis.


  • 4 varieties of clover and a variety of brassica.
  • Great for minimum tilling, no tilling, logging roads and shady areas.
  • Proven to thrive in both Northern and Southern States.
  • Drought resistant and pH tolerant.
  • Plant in the Spring or Fall.
  • Clover varieties that can grow in pH as low as 4.8.
  • Recommended fertilizer is 5-10-30 or 9-23-30 at 250lbs. per acre.
  • 2.5 lb. bag plants 1/4 acre.

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