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Avery Quick-Set Boat Blind Raintop

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Serious duck hunters know that if you want to consistently fool birds you have to be hidden and you have to be where they want to be. The Quick-Set Blind from Avery allows you to stay mobile and move with the ducks, but get covered up and hidden when it is go time!
Being able to stay dry and comfortable on those wet and nasty days when waterfowl seem to move can be the difference between success and failure for a waterfowl hunter. This top blocks out wind and moisture keeping you comfortable, while also creating shadows in the boat to help you hide! It installs quickly and easily underneath the existing blind top and is an essential piece of gear for any Quick-Set blind.


  • Blocks rain and wind
  • Tan top and Black bottom Creates shadows in the blind, helping you hide
  • Installs quickly with hook-&-loop fasteners

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