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Beavertail Predator Xl


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Beavertail® Predator XL Field Blind. The comfort and low profile of a pit blind, in an oversized, highly-mobile package!

The birds are going to land where they want - it's a fact of life. And sometimes, the "sweet spot" is covered by water or mud. Instead of settling for the dry edge, the lightweight Predator allows you to drop right in on the action while staying dry and comfortable all day long! And it's just 34 lbs., so it won't hold you back when it's time for a change-up.


  • Measures 6'7"l. x 3'6"w. x 12"h., weighs just 34 lbs.
  • Rugged 100% polyethylene custom-compounded construction for exceptional durability
  • Spring-loaded backrest for quick pop-up action
  • Comfortable foam-filled headrest
  • Storage space in backrest for extra storage
  • Extra room in the shoulder and head areas
  • Molded-in stabilizing pockets
  • Flush-mounted shell holder
  • Molded-in custom footlocks
  • Backed by a 3-yr. limited manufacturer's warranty.

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