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Choice Ammo .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum 60 Grain Soft Point 20 Rounds Per Box

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.223 Winchester Super Short Mag (WSSM) 60 Grain Soft Point- Extremely hard to find this round and impossible to find with the quality and consistency which we load!!

The .223 WSSM was introduced in 2003 by the Browning Arms Company, Winchester Ammunition, and Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Although the case design of the .223 WSSM is radically different from traditional cartridges, performance is much the same as other ultra velocity .224's such as the .220 Swift, .22-250 and .22-243. Browning rejects the charge that the .223 WSSM round is especially hard on barrels: "The 223 and 243 WSSM cartridges are said to 'burn up' barrels in as little as 300 rounds. Nothing could be further from the truth..

Choice Ammunition has taken our 100% hand-loading techniques and produce an extremely accurate, highly dependable round for the 223 WSSM in this load. Our loading tolerances are only matched by passionate hand-loaders in their own loading rooms. Consistent seating depths, powder charges and proprietary formulas of Choice Ammunition, make this 60 grain Soft Point round the best you can buy on the commercial market today.

For those enthusiasts who have a need for velocity and stopping predators dead in their tracks, this caliber is an enticer for sure! This caliber is a screamer with attitude!

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