Dog Bone Shed Antler System

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Use Dog Bone Retrieving Antler Dummies to avoid a "shed-shy" dog. Add more realism with the included Dog Bone Shed Scent!

Dog Bone Shed Antler Dummy Features:

  • Handy rope makes tossing easy and keeps your scent off the antler
  • Same feel as familiar training dummies
  • Realistic shed antler look and color
  • Durable, long-lasting material


Training Your Dog to Retrieve Shed Antlers:

  • Condition the antler shape with the Dog Bone Retrieving antler. It's soft and familiar (same material as other dummies) and assures a positive first experience.
  • Teach scent by adding the included Dog Bone Antler Scent to the retrieving antler.
  • Replace the dummy antler with a real shed antler, adding the Antler Scent for familiarity.

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