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Eddie Salter Custom Pot Calls

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The Eddie Salter's Custom Glass Pot Call is a finely crafted call designed to help you have the best season you've had yet. This glass call is embedded in a walnut pot with a hickory striker. With a high raspy sound this call is easy to use and provides great realistic hen sounds.

The Eddie Salter`s Custom Aluminum Pot Call comes with a laminated striker. It has a great high end rasp to locate turkeys. Easy to use and has great realistic sounds allowing you to produce all turkey hen calls.

The Eddie Salter`s Custom Slate Pot Call with a hickory striker is a great woods call. It's a call that will help close the deal. It's great for purr's and clucks. It can also produce all turkey hen calls. A must have for the hunter that likes to call them in close.

Eddie Salter "The Little Ghost" Pot Call Features:

  • - Crystal pot turkey call
  • - Includes diamond wood striker
  • - Makes high-end, raspy hen sounds


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