GHG Pro-Grade Butt-Up Feeder Mallard Duck Decoys 2 Pack


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GHG Pro-Grade Butt-Up Feeder Mallard Duck Decoys 2 Pack.


  • True to life detail
  • Ultimate realism
  • Perfect addition to your waterfowl spread
  • 60/40 Dura Keel for perfect weight distribution

GHG Pro Grade Butt-up Mallard Decoys are molded from original world class carvings produced with intricate feather detail and anatomic perfection. Constructed with high-density polyethylene the Over-Sized Butt-Up Feeder offers incredible durability and lightweight transport. These decoys feature exceptional styles with true-to-life detail and ultimate realism. The attached 60/40 Dura-Keel provides perfect natural weight distribution and the most lifelike ride in all water conditions. These duck decoys make creating the appearance of a complete lifelike flock easier than ever. Comes packed with one drake and one hen.

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