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GHG Pro-Grade Specklebelly Shells


White-Fronted geese, also known as the specklebelly, have expanded their range and increased their numbers in recent years. Greenhead Gear decoys have produced some of the best speck decoys around for years but have now decided to take that a step further. We applied the same look as our full-bodied decoys to a new line of specklebelly shells that finishes birds in close.


  • 3 Left Feeders, 3 Right Feeders, 3 Resters & 3 Semi-Resters
  • 5/8th body design
  • Heavy-duty paint for long term durability
  • Full-bodied look combined with shell portability
  • True-to-life feather detail & vivid color schemes
  • Life-size bodies are lightweight and highly portable
  • Durable high-density polyethylene one-piece bodies
  • Universal motion system for movement in any winds
  • 6 feeders, 6 actives

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