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LedLenser P3 Tactical LED Flashlight, 33m (108.2' )Beam Distance, 15 Lumens Light Output


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The LED Lenser P3 tactical flashlight is small and lightweight, with a handy clip. And is only requires only one AAA battery for hours of light. In addition to these features, the P3 has the Rapid Focus System which allows you to transition from a circular, spill-beam to a focused, long-distance beam, quickly with just one-hand.

With the LED Lenser patented modular system, fewer points of contact overall mean fewer chances for system failure. With many lights on the market, their design does not allow for individual part replacement. This means more materials make their way into landfills as whole light systems are disposed of instead of individual sections as needed. With the LED Lenser modular system design, sections of your light can be repaired or replaced as needed, making it easier, faster and better for the environment.

With just a quick push of your thumb outwards, you can go from an upclose reading light, to a long distance focused beam and all the stages in-between. LED Lenser Rapid Focus is a quick, one-handed operation that takes the guess work and fumbling out of light management.

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