Lifetime Decoys Jerk Rig 95'

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Bring lifelike motion to your decoy spread with Lifetime Decoys' 95-ft. Jerk Rig. Built on the same premise as a Texas rig, the Jerk Rig consists of a swiveling 90-ft. PVC-coated steel-cable main line featuring swivels spaced in increments of 6 ft. to prevent irritating coils and tangles when bringing it in. Connect the decoy mainline drop connections to your decoys in advance, and then quickly and easily snap them anywhere along the mainline when you're in the field. The 5-ft. marine-grade bungee makes your 6 mainline decoys swim back and forth, and creates motion in the water and lifelike movement for your whole spread. 3-lb. folding grapple anchor secures rig. Saltwater-resistant.


  • 90-ft mainline made of 3/32" PVC coated steel cable wire
  • Swivels placed in 10ft increments prevent irritating coils and tangles
  • 6 mainline decoy drop connectors - quickly attach decoys anywhere on mainline
  • Marine-grade 5ft bungee - easy to pull and make your decoys swim

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