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Moultrie Deer Magnet Green Apple Syrup

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Ripe apples are like irresistible candy to deer. Green Apple Liquid combines the naturally sweet smell of green apples with the irresistible flavor of PowerDraw® to draw deer for miles and keep them coming back. PowerDraw® is a proprietary extended-range formula that combines powerful aromatics with an irresistible flavor deer prefer over natural forage. This combination will not only attract deer from long distances with its sweet smell, but it will hold them on your property as they continue to come back for the habit-forming taste. The enriched-mineral formula in Green Apple Liquid promotes antler growth in bucks and health in pregnant and lactating does. Moultrie's Green Apple Liquid Attractant can be poured onto rotten stumps, directly on the ground or used to recharge existing mineral licks near your hunting location.

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