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Moultrie Delta Cellular Trail Camera (Verizon)


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Enjoy vivid, high-resolution photos of activity on your property or hunting grounds with the Moultrie Delta Cellular Trail Camera. No need to trek to your cams and pull memory cards -- the camera automatically sends the images it captures to your smartphone or tablet via the Moultrie Mobile app, where you can view, sort, and manage images, as well as remotely change camera settings. Monthly plans for the Verizon wireless network begin at $7.99

The Delta takes 32MP photos with available high dynamic range (HDR) for beautiful color daytime pictures, and the Illumi-Night 3 sensor takes tack-sharp black-and-white photos at night. The camera also captures video with sound. Trigger speed is a quick 0.4 seconds, and the detection and flash ranges are a generous 80'. Onboard GPS makes your cams easy to locate and offers a measure of protection against loss from theft.

Your monthly plan includes free unlimited cloud storage of your pictures and video. The intuitive Moultrie Mobile app features species recognition (buck, doe, turkey, person, vehicle) with SmartTags for advanced image filtering and alerts, and interactive maps for hunt planning and property management. The Delta will run for up to 12 months on a dozen AA lithium batteries.

App and Connectivity

  • Remotely view images and manage camera via Verizon data plan
  • Manage camera settings remotely
  • Free unlimited cloud storage of photos and video
  • Free interactive maps for hunt planning and property management
  • Monthly plans start at $7.99
  • Over-the-air firmware updates

Photo and Video Resolution

  • Still image resolution: 32MP
  • High dynamic range (HDR) daytime photos for enhanced detail, even in challenging conditions
  • Illumi-Night 3 sensor for sharp black-and-white nighttime images
  • Video with sound

Motion Sensor

  • Passive infrared motion sensor
  • 80' detection range
  • Trigger speed: 0.4 sec


  • Invisible infrared flash with 80' range for covert nighttime illumination

Shooting Modes

  • Single-shot, three-shot burst, and burst with motion modes
  • Multiple delay options avoid redundant photos
  • Shooting modes managed through Moultrie Mobile app


  • Records images & video to user-supplied SD memory card


  • Runs on 12 AA batteries
  • Runtime: 12 months with lithium batteries


  • Images Delivered to Your Phone
  • 32MP Stills, High Dynamic Range
  • Manage Camera Settings Remotely
  • Built-In GPS
  • Trigger Speed: 0.4 Seconds
  • 80' Invisible Flash & Detection Ranges
  • App with Advanced Species Recognition
  • Plans Start at $7.99 per Month
  • 12-Month Runtime on 12 Lithium Batteries

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