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Quality Archery HDX Custom Ultra Rest PSE - 710504035568

Quality Archery HDX Custom Ultra Rest PSE

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    e have partnered up with PSE® to bring you the PSE® ULTRAREST™. If you are shooting a PSE® the only rest that can beat our top of the line HDX model is the custom PSE ULTRAREST™. Combined with a PSE® bow you can't beat the performance, fit, and look of the PSE ULTRAREST™. With the rest designed specifically for PSE® we were able to cut out unnecessary weight, parts, and adjustments. This also allowed us to achieve the quickest tuning times and experience each bow's optimal performance. With the rest uniquely sporting the PSE® look and logo, you won't find a better match for your bow. Each rest is designed, manufactured and assembled from start to finish by the hands of hard working Americans. Which have helped build it's reputation as the leading arrow rest in the industry. Check with Authorized bow dealers for compatible bow models.


    • Lower valley launcher for perfect berger button hole alignment with no launcher - bow shelf contact.
    • Custom mounting block machined in the shape of the PSE ® logo.
    • PSE ® logo decal hides mounting block bolt.
    • Seamless fit to PSE ® risers.
    • No extra parts needed for perfect center shot alignment.
    • Non slip mounting block system. No set screw required.


    • Total arrow containment, the arrow will never fall off.
    • Drop-Away rest with total fletching clearance.
    • Lock-Down Technology guarantees no bounce back and total fletching clearance.
    • Shoots with launcher in 90-degree position (proven the most accurate position on drop-aways)
    • Drops only when the bow is fired, not when letting the bow down slowly
    • Noise-reducing, laser-cut felt and rubber dampeners
    • Tested at over 400fps with total fletching clearance
    • Also available in Black, Red, or Mossy Oak™
    • Available in Right or Left hand
    • Made in the USA with a Limited Life-Time Warranty

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