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Spypoint Link Micro LTE Camo Trail Camera (AT&T)

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When the original LINK-MICRO launched, it set the cellular trail camera world on fire. The LINK-MICRO-LTE is the next evolution of the cellular trail camera technology from SPYPOINT. Keeping the focus on affordability and a compact, concealable design, the LINK-MICRO-LTE makes the jump to the LTE network, ensuring the cellular game cameras are keeping pace with the ever-changing face of cellular communication. The same features that made the LINK-MICRO so popular are unchanged, but with the added longevity of LTE network connectivity, the LINK-MICRO-LTE can keep making you a better hunter for years to come. If you're new to, or still thinking about cellular technology, think about all the times you go to the woods to recover the SD cards to see what the cameras are finding. Cellular game camera technology lets you avoid those trips, saving time and money, but also saving the disturbance to game while on those trips. SPYPOINT truly is providing the mobile scouting solution with its lineup of innovative cameras and complete suite of mobile scouting tools via the SPYPOINT app.

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