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Surelock Security General Bevel Series | General 35

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General 35 Gun and Home Safe

The General Series is large and in charge - no messing around here. Built with thick, 11-gauge steel and 16 active locking bolts, the General 35 has all the important nuts and bolts to make an exceptional safe. Not to mention the looks - who knew a big steel box could be this sexy?

The Gen II General 35 boasts an adjustable interior with two gun racks and four shelves - that can either be adjusted or removed for additional storage space. Tall, thick and large the General 35 can hold up to 34-36 long guns, allowing you to store pretty much anything, and everything (within reason of course)! And with a 90-minute fire rating (at 1400°F) , the General Series provides excellent protection should a fire ever occur. While the SecuRam® lock and 16 active, 1.5" steel bolts make sure that only the people you want in your safe - can get into your safe.

Finished in a sharp gloss black with gray interior and leather trimming, the striking contrast completes the General 35 while the upgraded interior organizational door panel, with padded pistol pockets, provides even more storage space for smaller items like keys and jewelry, as well as smaller handheld firearms.

Designed with the utmost integrity to provide the security and protection you've been searching for, the General 35 was crafted for those value their firearm collection (and other valuables), as much as the safety of those around them.

Backed by SureLock Security's Lifetime Replacement Program - the General Series Gun and Home Safe offers reliable protection that safely secures all your firearms and belongings.


  • PN: 3418960
  • Exterior dimensions: 72" H x 42" W x 28" D
  • Interior dimensions: 38" L x 23" W x 67" H
  • Weight: 1,261 lbs


  • Gun capacity: 34-36
  • 90-Minute fire rating (at 1400°F)
  • 11-Gauge steel
  • Includes 16 active locking bolts
  • 1.5" Bolt size
  • Full seam welds
  • Four shelf adjustable interior
  • Two gun racks
  • Black exterior, gloss
  • Light gray interior
  • Upgraded interior organizational door panel
  • Black chrome five spoke handle and lock
  • Three external hinges
  • SecuRam® electronic lock
  • LED lighting
  • Double power outlet
  • USB Port
  • Guaranteed for a lifetime

SecuRam® Basic Electronic Safe Lock

  • Features a rugged chrome construction
  • 2 Codes: Manager code and User code
  • Every SecuRam lock undergoes a 2,000 cycle quality management program before it leaves the manufacturing facility
  • Battery Operated (9 volt)
  • UL® Listed

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