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Trophy Taker® T7004 - Shuttle T-Lock™ 3-Blade Trocar 125 gr Screw-In Fixed Broadheads


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Shuttle T-Lock™ 3-Blade Trocar 125 gr Screw-In Fixed Broadheads (T7004) by Trophy Taker®. 3 Pieces. Shuttle T-Lock Broadheads have a reputation for incredible accuracy, toughness and devastating entrance and exit wounds. The Shuttle T-Lok sets the bar for replacement blade heads with a "No Lost Blades" Guarantee. The patented T-Shaped connection between the blades prevents separation of the Shuttle T-Lok blades from the ferrule even when fired into solid bone, concrete and metal. The sweeping blade angle also increases the total amount of razor blade surface without increasing overall size. The resulting oversized holes devastate game so pack a knife, it's time to start skinnin.

  • 100% Heat-Treated Stainless Steel
  • Single Piece Cut-on-Contact Ferrule
  • Non-Vented Blades for Increased Penetration & Silent Flight
  • Shuttle Blade Design Cuts Oversized Entry & Exit Holes
  • Razor Sharp Honed Edge
  • No Lost Blades Guarantee

For twenty years Trophy Taker® has built a reputation for easy-to-install and silent arrow rests that are tough enough for hardcore hunters, and provide the reliability that sends competitive archers to the medal stand. Born in the Rockies and proven on hunts and in competitions across the country, Trophy Taker arrow rests and accessories are built to last and built to perform. It's never-ending commitment to excellence is the driving force behind Trophy Taker and it backs it with a lifetime warranty. Everything it builds is designed to perform and never fail, taking your user experience to a new level.

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