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Wild Game Persimmon Crushed


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Persimmons are incredibly effective at pulling in deer, but they're difficult to find and often messy or inconvenient to use. Now there's Persimmon Crushed, combining the natural attracting power of real persimmons with a high-protein, carbohydrate-packed proprietary base. The powder is double screened to create a finely sifted formula that absorbs and releases with long-range, in-your-face power. Airborne Technology™ adds more distance and speed by distributing 600% more scent molecules than ordinary feed grains. All that with an irresistible persimmon taste makes this one of the most incredible attractants ever.


  • Proprietary double-screening process creates fine powder that absorbs and releases more potent scent
  • Releases up to 600% more scent molecules than ordinary attractants
  • Airborne Technology™ creates long-range scent vapor trail
  • Real persimmon taste deer love
  • Ultra-high fat content and carbohydrate blend
  • Proven nationwide effectiveness all season long
  • Perfect for late season when native browse is scarce
  • High palatability based on ruminant science
  • Pour directly onto site or food plot and/or use as feeder topper

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