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AMS Bowfishing Hooligan V2 Left Hand Bow

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THE HOOLIGAN® V2 - 2 BOWS IN 1 The RAP Cam System (Rapid Adjustment Post) is a specialized, no let-off system, that is exclusive to the Hooligan® V2. Due to the ability to change from one draw weight post to the other, the V2 is basically 2 bows in 1.

Adjustable cam posts provide optimal efficiency and power at any draw weight. Use the 40# post for optimal performance between 32-40# of draw weight. A bow on the 40# post will be at a 40# draw weight with the limb bolts turned completely tight. For optimal performance above 40# draw, use the 50# post.

This versatility also makes the bow customizable to the fish species targeted. Why is this important? When shooting fish, certain species require less force. Shooting with too much kinetic energy might cause pass-through shots on the fish. In this case, removing the fish becomes a hassle. The dual cam posts allow adjustment of the bow to quickly match the species you're targeting. Back it down for carp or smaller fish or use the 50# post and crank it tight for big game.

HEAVY-WALL, DEEP-V CAMS The heavy-wall, deep-V cam system keeps the string in the bottom of the valley on frantic draws on fleeting fish. Many times, in the heat of the moment, our shooting form goes out the window and we pull the string to the side and release rather than using proper form and drawing straight back to an anchor point on the face. This sloppy form can cause string derailment and the bow to dry fire. The deep-V cams help minimize the possibility of dry firing your bow, and the wall thickness of the cams is such that even if you do dry fire, there should be minimal or no damage to the cams.

CUSTOMIZABLE TO ANYONE While this bow can be customized to one archer, its wide draw range (22-32") and its quickly adjustable draw weight (24-50#) mean it can be shared across the ages. Young archers and women can shoot the same bow as the guys. Just turn it down a few pounds, with a single tool, and take the family out!

NO LET-OFF The Hooligan® V2 has no let-off. In bowfishing, bows with no let-off allow the archer to shoot accurately and quickly at fast moving fish without coming to full draw. Sometimes a fish is so close or so fast that it's not possible to come to full draw and an instant shot is necessary.

CABLE SLIDE STOP A cable slide stop integrated into the stainless steel cable guard minimizes the effects of overdrawing. In all of the excitement bowfishing creates, overdrawing can cause operational problems. We've eliminated this possibility by integrating the cable slide stop into the cable guard.

EASY IN-FIELD ADJUSTMENT Exclusive barrel nuts, inset below the limb pockets and visible in the window below, offer smooth and visible draw weight adjustment. Adjustable with a single hex wrench, changing the draw weight in the field is easy; no bow press needed, ever.

DURABLE BOW CONSTRUCTION The Hooligan® has powder coated, proprietary composite limbs and a machined 6061 T6 aluminum riser dipped in Kryptek® Raid Camo. Added stainless steel hardware makes this one tough bowfishing bow.


  • Draw Weight 24-50 lbs
  • Draw Length 32"" Max
  • Axle-To-Axle 34.75"" at 50# Post, 34"" at 40# Post
  • Brace Height 7.5""
  • Approximate Let-Off N/A
  • Bow Weight 3.25 lbs
  • Cam Dual Cams
  • Riser Material Forged & Machined Aluminum
  • String Length 58.5""
  • Power Cable Length 36.75""

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