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Avery ASD Heeling Stick - Blaze


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Before e-collars, choke chains and check cords, there was the heeling stick. It's the cornerstone of obedience training which makes it vital to any good program. Quick corrections are important to conveying what you want in training and a heeling stick gives you this ability.

Avery Trainer's Heeling Stick is designed and tested by pro trainers around the world! If it is perfect for the pros, it is even better for you! Highly effective for humane corrections while training your dog. The heeling stick is constructed from a 36" flexible fiberglass rod that is wrapped tightly with polypropylene. It is a tacky golf club style grip and the PVC tip is glued in place to stay on forever.


  • 36" flexible fiberglass rod
  • Tightly woven polypropylene wrap
  • Tacky golf-grip handle and wrist strap
  • PVC tip is glued
  • Orange with a black tip

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