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Avian X LCD Feeder Hen

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The LCD Feeder Hen draws gobblers in close to set up the perfect kill shot. Typically, a hen will notice a gobbler's advances and approach, signaling she's ready to breed. So if a longbeard's gobbles go ignored, he'll assume she didn't hear or see him - and he'll move closer to make sure she does. As he gets closer, the LCD Feeder's ultra-detailed paint schemes with true-to-life reflective feathers will pull him even deeper under her spell. This little lady will surprise you with what she's able to accomplish during her morning snack.


  • -Feeder Hen Decoy
  • -Storage Compression Strap
  • -Carry Bag
  • -Collapsible Carbon Stake


  • -Relaxed, content position
  • -Draws gobblers in close
  • -Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD)
  • -Easy transport and storage
  • -15% smaller than a real turkey
  • -Unmatched realism and detail
  • -Mimics natural reflection of real hen feathers
  • -PVC dura-rubber quiets movements
  • -Realistic movement without unnatural spin



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