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B3 Archery Exoskeletal Broadheads

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B3's Exoskeletal Broadheads are stronger, straighter and superior -- a patent-pending design built by archers and hunters, like you. The curved blades cut faster and penetrate longer. A combination of blades lying flat and a friction grommet under the blades eliminates external bands, and produces a quiet flight and field-tip accuracy. The pre-loaded blade angle is quick to deploy, and the head design features built-in stops for both closed and open positions, preventing arrow damage.

  • Crafted using 100 grain all-hardened 400 series steel
  • Blade thickness is +.032 stainless steel
  • Blades rotate quickly around the smooth tower to improve penetration
  • Razor-sharp edges remain exposed even in the closed position
  • Exoskeletal mounting system's superior strength requires no pins or washers
  • Blades mounted on opposite sides or planes, producing greater hemorrhage

Two-blade design, cutting surface + 2 1/8 inches

Three-blade design, cutting surface + 2 1/2 inches

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