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Battenfeld Tipton Gun Vise

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The Tipton Best Gun Vise is an extremely adaptable firearm holding system. All three supports are adjustable for positioning on the base via the T-track, and they all offer vertical adjustment. The Rear Clamp Base features two vertically independent adjustable Clamp Blocks, each with a padded jaw that can be positioned at different points from the centerline. With this flexibility, the Rear Clamp Blocks can accommodate practically any stock configuration, style and size of cheek piece, or cast-off.

The Rear Clamps are utilized by first positioning the firearm in the Vise, adjusting the Forend Support to achieve the desired barrel angle. With the Cam Levers in the disengaged position, rotate the outside Knobs of the Clamp Block Assemblies until the Clamp Pads make contact with the stock. Engaging the Cam Levers will secure the stock. Disengaging the Cam Levers, adjusting the outside Knobs, and reengaging the Cam Levers can regulate the amount of clamping force desired.

For cleaning most long guns, including bolt-actions, it is usually advisable and desirable that the muzzle of the barrel be lower than the breech. This prevents solvents, oils, and other liquids from running back into the breach area, and allows them to flow out the muzzle and be caught in a waste receptacle. This arrangement can be easily achieved by maneuvering the stock and/or the Rear Clamp Base so that the Pad contacts the stock at different points, either raising or lowering the height of the rear of the rifle. In conjunction with that adjustment, the position of the Forend Support can be raised or lowered to achieve the desired stance. The Grip Support features two leg heights and can be maneuvered along the length of the T-track to support the stock in the area of the pistol grip, usually immediately behind the pistol grip or immediately behind the trigger guard.

For cleaning break-open shotguns and rifles, or rifles that feature hinged design, such as the AR15, remove the Forend Upper Support from the Forend Base and secure the Upper Support directly to the extreme end of the Base. This positioning will allow the barrel(s) to extend below the height of the bench. Install the Grip Support with the longer leg upright, relatively close to the Forend Support, which will bear the firearm near the hinge. Because the firearm has moved toward one end of the Vise, the Rear Clamp Support can be moved closer to the Grip Support to accommodate the different position of the butt stock.

A variety of pistols and revolvers can be held in the Best Gun Vise by turning the Rear Clamp Support 180 degrees and using the vertically adjustable clamps to hold the handgun by the grips and thus to position the barrel to rest on either the Grip Support or the Forend Support. Don't be afraid to use your imagination to accommodate the wide variety of pistol designs offered.

Tipton Best Gun Vise 181181 for Firearms Cleaning, Maintenance, Gunsmithing


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