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Browning PP49T Platinum Plus Gun Safe


When it comes to finding a gun safe to store your rifles and pistols, the Browning PP49T Platinum Plus Gun Safe is a top choice. This tough and reliable safe is capable of storing up to 49 long guns and still has additional space for small items like pistols, knives, and other weapons. If you have other valuables you want to keep safe, then you can place it inside as well. Here are some of the reasons why you definitely have to get the Browning PP49T gun safe for your home.

  • Childproof

Having a durable and dependable gun safe is a must for any gun enthusiast. That is because if weapons like guns are left in regular cabinets or drawers, it can pose as a threat to you and your family, especially if you have children in the house; any sort of weapon should be kept out of children's reach. A safe like the Browning PP49T will keep children away from items that can endanger their lives.

  • Thief-Proof and Attack-Proof

The Browning PP49T has a steel casing (body) of 3/16" / 7 gauge thick steel and comes with 16 active bolts that are more than enough to keep even the most determined thief from breaking in. The door is a 1-11/16" Thick Duo-Formed Door with a full 10-Gauge inner plate. As if these features do not make this safe strong enough, Browning added even more security features to their product such as the Uni-Force locking system that keeps the door shut even if intruders try to use extreme pressure on the bolt and locks. It does this by utilizing robust cam locks and a large, multiple diversion bar system so that the force is diverted to keep it from reaching the locking mechanisms.

Another great security feature is the OmniBarrier Lock protection. This prevents entry attempts with drills, punch, and push attacks.

  • Fireproof

Even fire will not be able to break down this gun safe. The Browning PP49T has the ThermaBlock technology that keeps the outside temperature from getting into the safe. This feature keeps your guns and other valuables secure even when under intense fire heat.

  • Wide Space Technology

The amazing Browning PP49T is spacious enough to store 49 long guns neatly and snugly inside it. This is due to the patented Duo-Plus Extra Storage System or DPX, which includes a modular system of door-mounted racks. These racks are perfect for long guns, as well as the pockets and pouches for smaller guns and your other valuables.

Guns with scopes take up more space on storage safes, but not in the Browning PP49T. This is because the safe comes with scope saver technology that uses the space of the door panel to keep the scope of long guns from being pushed back. A molded space on the door panel made specifically for scopes makes this possible.



  • Heavy duty 3/16" (7-Gauge) steel body.
  • 1-11/16" Thick Duo-Formed Door with full coverage 10-Gauge inner plate.
  • Uni-Force Locking System.
  • OmniBarrier Lock Protection System.
  • Pry-Stop Corner Bolts.
  • 1-1/2" diameter chromed locking bolts on all four sides of the door (top/sides/bottom). (28 total bolts).


  • S&G Mechanical Dial Combo Lock.
  • Securam Digital Lock or Securam ScanLogic Biometric locks are available as an upgrade.

NEW Thermablock Fire Protection:

  • Fire protection at 1750 degrees F for 120 minutes.


  • Automotive-grade gloss finish in your choice of color.
  • Pinstriping and your choice of scene.
  • Five-spoke handle in your choice of finish.
  • Grade VI Cedar Interior.


  • Premium DPX Storage System with Quick Access Barrel Rack and Scope Saver.
  • Axis Adjustable Steel Shelving with Drawer and Multipurpose Insert, File Box, and Pistol Rack.
  • The elevated floor protects gun stocks.
  • Electrical Outlet.
  • Interior light package included.
  • Total long gun capacity: (49 (26/39+10).

Thick 3/16" Steel Body: Heavier and more rigid, 3/16" steel dramatically improves both break-in resistance and fire protection.

AXIS Drawer and Multipurpose Insert: The AXIS drawer mounts beneath an AXIS steel shelf and includes a multipurpose insert that keeps small items organized, easy to locate, and protected.

AXIS Adjustable Shelving: Platinum Plus safes feature a deluxe AXIS Adjustable Shelving interior.

Grade VI Interior LED Lighting: A luxurious cedar interior adds a rich quality to the safe. Interior LED lighting along the door frame makes locating items inside a safe much easier.

DPX Scope Saver: Found exclusively on Browning ProSteel safes, the Scope Saver keeps your rifle scopes protected and ready for use.

Pry-Stop Corner Bolts: Innovative long bolts extend diagonally from the corners of the door to protect against pry attack at the vulnerable corner areas.


  • Outside: 72.00" H X 46.00" W X 27.00" D (Add 3" for handle)
  • Inside: 66.00" H X 39.00" W X 17.00" D
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 25.32
  • Weight: 1620.00
  • Burglar Rating: RSC
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours
  • Model:PP49T

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