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Camo Unlimited Military Net Attached Mesh Green/Brown 9x10

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If it is time to camo up your outdoor blinds or have a ready material to set those up when you find a good spot, grab your Camo Unlimited Basic Series Military camo netting and head out. This netting is durable and long lasting with a great camouflage for need and attached to a tough mesh for added strength. Get yours today.

Specifications and Features:

  • Camo Unlimited Basic Series Military Netting WM05
  • 9'10" x 9'10"
  • Attached to tough mesh for added strength
  • 3D Leaf Like Foliage
  • Lightweight Strong and Durable
  • Quiet and Rustle Free
  • UV Treated
  • 100% Waterproof Materials
  • Rot/Mold Resistant
  • Treated to Eliminate Shine and Glare
  • Pliable in extreme temperature ranges
  • Compacts easily
  • Reversible Green and Brown color

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