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Case Trapper Amber Bone Two Blade


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Case's handsome knives offer a wide selection of choices for those searching for a classic look in their everyday carry. All six patterns bear a unique XX shield, the mark of Case's "Tested Twice" dependability. The Trapper gets its name from the consumer it was designed for. Because of its basic trapping and skinning blades and its lightweight, it is a must-have knife for those who trap small game. It is a jack knife with two full-length blades; a slender Clip and a long Spey. The Clip blade is commonly used as a multi-purpose blade and preferred for detail work while the Spey blade is commonly used as an all-purpose utility blade. This knife is constructed with Case carbon steel to provide extra toughness during hard use.

Clip Blade
The Clip blade is extremely versatile -- just the thing for those everyday tasks at work or around the house. With a sharp point for piercing, the shape allows for better control of the cutting edge.

Spey Blade
The Spey blade was a vital tool for farmers and ranchers who would use it when castrating livestock. Also a favored tool for skinning game, this all-purpose blade shape is found in many popular knife patterns such as the Trapper.


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm:

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