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Champion Wobble Base For Wheelybird - Workhorse - And Freedombird (Base ONLY)

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Champion's Workhorse, WheelyBird* and FreedomBird Wobble Base simulates those hunting conditions every time at the range. Wobble Base sends clay targets swerving left and right (up to 45" of horizontal movement), dipping up and down (up to 30" of vertical movement). Every throw is random. An on/off switch turns the Wobble Base into a standard trap when needed. The Wobble Base brings the same dimension to our Workhorse, Wheelybird* and FreedomBird traps. Don't go clay shooting - go clay hunting.

*Wheelybird 2.0 (and Wheelybirds made after 2019)

  • Fits Champion Wheelybird 2.0 (and Wheelybirds made after 2019), Workhorse and FreedomBird traps
  • Throws in random patterns for hunting simulation
  • Trap not included
  • On/Off switch for easy operation
  • Easy to install
  • Six Months Limited Warranty (Materials & Workmanship)

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