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Conquest Scents Hunters Package (EverCalm & VS-1)

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VS-1 is 100% estrus urine and vaginal secretions collected from superior breeding does that have been synchronized/cycled into peak estrus in order to produce the highest possible concentration of pheromones. EverCalm is a collection of scents and smells from actual bedding areas; scents that are so familiar to deer that it puts them at ease!

Dab EverCalm on trees, rocks, or brush in your hunting area to turn it into the smell of a real bedding area. Use VS-1 during pre-rut, rut, or post-rut on scent pads and licking branches in high traffic areas.

Both are encapsulated into our easy to use wax stick formula for No Spills, Leaks or Mess and it won't freeze!

Use both with RuttingBuck to create the smell of a deer herd and a dominant buck to create a seductive combination!

Works great with a decoy!


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