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CVA Deluxe Soft Bag Range Cleaning Kit

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15 piece premium cleaning kit all packaged in a quality range bag. All you need to fully clean and maintain your .50 caliber muzzleloader, plus plenty of room to carry primers, pellets and bullets. Numerous pockets and compartments keep everything organized. The range bag is USA made and has 15 cleaning pieces included and enough room leftover for bullets, pellets, primers and loading accessories.

Kit Includes:

  • Quality Range Bag
  • 200 (2" Diameter) Cleaning Patches
  • .50 Cal Cleaning Brush
  • .50 Caliber Cotton Swab
  • Breech Brush Set
  • QRBP Cleaning System
  • 3 Piece Range Rod
  • Extended Cleaning Jag
  • Sheath Lubricant
  • Anti-Seize Stick
  • Barrel Blaster Wonder-Gel
  • Barrel Blaster Parts Soaker
  • Barrel Blaster Quick Cleaning Patches
  • Barrel Blaster Pre-Lubed patches
  • Silicone Gun Cloth

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