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Field Logic Target Glendel Crossbow Buck

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Enjoy higher quality practice with your high performance crossbow by taking aim at the Field Logic GlenDel® Crossbow Buck 3D Archery Target. This large 3D buck target features GlenDel's proven 4-sided, high density, replaceable vitals insert for higher quality shooting and longer life. Built for use with compound bow or crossbow shooters, this durable 3D archery target handles arrows and bolts traveling more than 400 fps. Giving you up to 5 times more shooting surface than comparable cores, the Crossbow Buck's special core features proven open-layered Polyfusion™ construction. This special design fuses the target's internal layers to the target wall for more uniform layer compression that makes it easier to get your bolts out and helps the layers stay in place for longer target life. Offset shooting zones on all 4 sides of the core also help provide longer target life, giving you a target that can help the whole family get their bows and crossbows zeroed in. Handles field tips and broadheads for high quality practice. Made in USA.

  • Manufacturer model #: G71010.
  • High quality 3D buck target for compound bow and crossbow hunters
  • Long lasting design
  • Proven 4-sided, high density, replaceable vitals insert
  • PolyFusion core - easier arrow removal and extended target life
  • Offset shooting zones on all 4 sides - extends target life
  • Stops 400+ FPS bolts and arrows with field tips or broadheads

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