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Field Logic H60411 Cat 5 High Energy Bag Target

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  • Self Standing Design - Internal Frame
  • 25" x 25"
  • 620 FPS stopping power
  • Ultra durable
  • Easy 2 finger arrow removal
  • Carrying Handle
  • Grommets for Hanging

With their most extreme stopping power ever offered, Hurricane Bag targets introduces the Hurricane Cat 5. Users will be blown away by the arrow-stopping ability of the fortified Hurricane Tri-Core Technology which has proven to stop (standard diameter) field-tipped arrows and bolts at up to 620 F.P.S.! Specifically designed to withstand the high energy output of today's vertical bows and crossbows the 25" x 25" self-standing design with grommeted corners and carry handle is easy to use and perfect for the backyard range or easily transported wherever you go. The all-weather construction features two-sided shooting at strategically-placed high-visibility tri-color graphics that are offset to maximize target life, while an integrated sight-in grid helps in precision adjust of pin sight or scope horizontal and vertical axis adjustment. Built to withstand blow after blow this long-lasting target proves that anytime is the right time to practice and it's always Hurricane season!


  • 25" | SKU: H60411 | UPC: 702649604112

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