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G&h Decoy Blue Wing Teal


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Bring bug spray. You are hunting teal but the mosquitoes are hunting you. Teal season is an exciting experience witnessing the whistling of tiny blue or green wings coming into your G&H Teal spread. Teal like to skirt edges in the marsh or flooded timbers. Our decoys are ideal for special early season hunts or as an addition to your regular decoy spread. Rugged and lifelike, these 11" teal are available in green wing or blue wing, each with raised feather body, and hand-detailed painting. The G&H T4C Blue Wing Teal Decoys are 11" long. They come in one dozen cartons with six drakes and six hens.

11" Long | One Dozen Carton (12) | 6 Drakes/6 Hens | Stationary heads


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