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Hawke Frontier FFP 4-20x50 Mil Pro Scope

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The FFP Mil Pro reticle was developed specifically for first focal plane optical systems and based around the common principles of Mil spaced reticles. With half Mil spaced markings extending out to 10 Mil of holdover, the FFP Mil Pro is a versatile reticle that provides aim points no matter how extreme the distance.

All reticle measurements are Mil spaced and offer 1 Mil, 0.5 Mil and 0.25 Mil brackets for range finding. Every second Mil spacing on the lower section is numbered to ensure quick and easy acquisition of target and ease of reference.

Each cross has a see-through gap, allowing an unobstructed view of the target. The thick outer posts are hollowed to ensure they can be seen at all magnifications, without blocking out too much of the view.

The FFP Mil Pro 20× has additional 1/4 Mil aim points on the center section of the reticle to give even greater precision.

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