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Higdon Outdoors Tru-Strutter XS Turkey Tom Species XS Motion

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The Higdon Outdoors Tru-Strutter Motion Turkey Decoy is a real game changer. Jealous Tom Turkeys are drawn to this strutting motion decoy like a magnet. When you add realistic movement to a full-strut decoy. The aggressive body posture of this decoy is challenging to territorial tom and the decoy's small size is sure to give them the confidence they need to rise to the confrontation. The Tru-Strutter is a premium hard body turkey decoy that is simple to deploy. Higdon's XHD Hyper Feathering highlights each individual feather with deep carving technique and ultra-realistic paint, showcasing aggressive Strutter details with bright whites, vibrant blues and glowing reds. The rich, natural looking black flocking on the back of this decoy brings it to life. Use Higdon's innovative magnetic fan ring to mount the included premium Apex Synthetic Fan or a natural feather turkey fan. With its included Higdon Tru-Motion System, this decoy offers a ton of lifelike strutting movement with no wind required. The removable handle makes it easy to carry. Package includes one Hard Body Strutting Tom decoy with stake tunnel, one collapsible synthetic fan, patented Tru-Motion system, Li-ion battery, charger, 4-channel remote control, metal stake and one stealth decoy carry bag.


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