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Hunters Specialties Cookie Cutter Combo

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The fact is, using a turkey call of any kind For the first time takes a little getting used to. It's important to the folks at HS strut that beginner turkey hunters can call like expert callers, and in turn call in turkeys like expert hunters. When it comes to friction pot calls, HS strut has the solution to take the guessing out of the proper technique required to produce perfect turkey call sounds. The new cookie Cut's pot call is a conventional pot call produced with HS Strut's best injection molded pot coupled with a slate striking surface. Hs has designed a durable quick-reference removable cap that allows novice as well as seasoned hunters to quickly & easily strike their preferred call. The removable quick-reference cap has a slot for yelping, clucking and purring. The slots are designed so that all one has to do is insert the striker tip and strike in the direction of the arrows producing consistent calls every time. Once the user gets the hang of it, The cap can simply be removed for unrestricted use of the slate striking surface.

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