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Primos Limb Hanger Original Series Diaphragm Turkey Call

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The Primos® Limb Hanger™ is one of our Original™ Series mouth calls. This call is constructed out of two thin prophylactic reeds creating a sensitive call that's easy to use. With a little practice, you can reproduce clear notes or raspy calls. This one is great for beginners and pros alike.


Put the call in the middle of your mouth with:

  1. Front of call facing out. The notch goes to the right, ensuring the short reed is down when using a multiple reed call.
  2. Tongue should be 1/4" to 1/2" past the reeds. Try different tongue positions for different sounds.
  3. Press your tongue against the call to seal it in the middle of the roof of your mouth.


  • Single frame
  • Two thin prophylactic reeds create an easy-to-use, sensitive call
  • Use firm tongue pressure for clear notes or loose tongue pressure for raspy calls
  • Excellent for kee-kees and soft tree yelps
  • Great for beginners and pros alike

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