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Moultrie 325 Elite II Feeder


The Moultrie Deer Feeder 325 Elite Tripod feeder is ideal for remote hunting properties. The new polymer feeder offers a larger-capacity hopper that hold up to 325 pounds of corn. This means less visits to fill up feeders. The new hexagonal-shaped hopper is stronger than past models and the tripod legs are thicker and stronger, too. The feeder runs on the Moultrie Pro Hunter II feeder kit and is powered by a 6-volt rechargeable battery for months of maintenance free feeding. Enjoy up to 6 different feeding times per day, each with 0-20 second feeding intervals. The Deer Feeder 325 Elite allows you to fill your feeder, set the timer and forget about it while it throws feed for months with no maintenance needed.

The Moultrie Deer Feeder 325 Elite offers a large-capacity feed hopper for months on maintenance-free feeding while you're not around. The strong hexagonal-shaped hopper holds 325-pounds of feed. It runs on the Pro Hunter II feeder kit with up to 6 feed times per day, each for 0-20 second intervals. Runs on 6-volt rechargeable battery.


  • Large 325-pound capacity
  • Automatic feeder with up to 6 feed times per day from 0-20 second each
  • Outfitted with Pro Hunter II Feeder Kit
  • Runs on 6-volt battery
  • Power Outlet for solar-panel installation

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