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Mystery Ranch Pop Up 40 Mens Medium

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For those wanting a higher-volume daypack that stays low-profile and functional during your hunt, the POP-UP 40 stands ready - and it has the chops to shoulder some serious load lifting to boot. This pack's OVERLOAD feature allows hunters to instantly transform it into a bona fide meat hauler. The telescoping frame offers a hefty 80-lb. capacity that houses the bulk of the weight close to your back for exceptional comfort during long hauls back to your rig. When you need to get moving after a kill, the POP-UP 40's face compression securely stows a bow or rifle, freeing your hands for trekking poles or navigating difficult terrain. In the meantime, ample pockets and storage compartments stow gear and rations close at hand, and a combination of zippers and a drawstring shroud allows you to grab whatever you need at a moment's notice.

  • Size Medium
  • Gender Male
  • Capacity 40 liters
  • Pack Volume 40 liters
  • Color Optifade Subalpine
  • Age Group Adults

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