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Preston Pittman`s The Flock Trio 3 Pack


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Preston's Frequencer - Preston's Exciter - Preston's Vengeance You have chosen three of the most popular cuts in diaphragms. Each of the three has its own unique sound. Two of these cuts were brought to the market by me; they are all tried and true. All are three reeds, easy to use and also used by the most accomplished callers. Frequencer -- high-pitched, great for dou wits, ke's ke's and also elk calling. Xciter -- great cutter call, very versatile, Vengeance -- my personal favorite now, is a very versatile, great purring call, and great for that nasal sound. If you can't call him in with these calls, you'd better change to a friction call. Because, odds are, he can't be called with a diaphragm.


Mouth Call

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