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Pulsar Thermion 2 XQ35 Pro Thermal | Black 2.5-10x35mm - PL76541

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The Pulsar Thermion 2 Pro Thermal Rifle Scope has a classic shape of housing that is ideal for all types of hunting and simplifies mounting. Designed from the ground up for ease of use, Thermion riflescopes mount to standard 30mm scope rings. No specialized tools or equipment are required.

Thermal imaging sensor with NETD <25mK value ensures perfect detail recognition even in the most severe weather conditions when thermal contrast is low. The smallest temperature differences in observed objects can be clearly visible during heavy rainfall, dense fog or cold mornings making it easy to recognize and identify the game and its features.

Quality fast aperture germanium optics ensures optimal heat energy transmissivity minimizing noise and improving detail of observed scene.

High quality germanium optics coupled with an advanced thermal imaging sensor ensure an unprecedented detection range of up to 2.000 yards (1.800 metres) in, even in complete darkness.

Thermion 2 Pro riflescopes feature a unique combined battery system consisting of two rechargeable Li-ion batteries internal and external. External rechargeable battery can be hot swapped in a matter of seconds, providing additional time during the hunt.

The built-in Wi-Fi module will connect the device with smartphones based on Android and iOS via the Stream Vision 2 mobile application. This combination provides a great opportunity, such as wireless update of the device software, transmission of images to the screen of a mobile device in real time, remote control of digital functions of the device and many others. Users registered in the application are provided with cloud storage space for photos and videos taken with a digital or thermal imaging device.

Recoil rated up to 6,000 joules for flawless performance on larger calibers up to .375 H&H, 12-gauge and 9.3x64.

The base magnification of Thermion 2 Pro riflescopes can be increased by means of digital zoom. Zoom changes either gradually in 2x steps or continuously offering the ideal ratio of magnification and visible field of view for specific situations.

In Thermion 2 PRO thermal imagers, the standard smartphone connection frequency range via a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi channel is complemented with an effective 5 GHz range. The 5 GHz connection offers better bandwidth, a faster data transfer rate, noise immunity and improved connection stability, resulting in more productive and easier operation of the thermal imager with a smartphone.

Store up to 5 zeroing profiles, with 10 distance coordinates each for varying situations, in internal memory for quick rifle change-outs and on-the-fly adjustments.

Keep the best moments of observation and share them with your friends and hunting colleagues. One touch of a button is enough to capture an interesting moment or start recording a video. 16 GB of internal memory will give the ability to record many hours of video and tens of thousands of photos.

The "Picture-in-picture" function enables the shooter to display a high-precision zeroing frame. Taking only 10% of the total display area, the frame shows a magnified image of the target and reticle and allows the user to closely see the image in the aiming area and have visual control of the entire field of view at the same time.

Thermions possess a wide array of shape and color customizable reticles, including static, ballistic and scalable reticles. 9 Color options help to optimize aiming for specific conditions.

A choice of 8 colour palettes lets the user observe their field of view more effectively, allowing them to optimise the unit for specific tasks as well as react to changing observation conditions. White Hot, Black Hot and Red Hot are optimal for object detection, Rainbow and Ultramarine help increase chances for recognition & identification. Red Monochrome, Sepia and Violet are most suitable for long observation in the night.

With an IPX7 waterproof rating, the Thermion 2 PRO riflescopes work in conditions of high humidity and heavy rain and can withstand half an hour immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter.

1024x768 HD AMOLED display has enhanced color rendering, power saving, a high contrast image and quick-response, providing clear and smooth images for on-the-move observation or in cold conditions.


  • Classic design. Mounting on standard 30 mm rings
  • Super sensitive thermal imaging sensor
  • Fast aperture f1.0 germanium optics
  • Extreme detection range- 1350m
  • Long battery life. Up to 10 hours on a single charge
  • Wi-Fi integration with iOS and Android devices. Stream Vision 2 application.
  • Recoil Rated up to .375 H&H, 12-Gauge and 9.3x64
  • Variable magnification
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity with 2.4 / 5 GHz waveband support
  • Zeroing profiles management
  • Photo and video recording
  • High-precision aiming in the Picture-in-picture mode
  • A selection of 10 reticle shapes in 9 color modes
  • A selection of 8 color palettes
  • Completely waterproof IPX7
  • High contrast HD AMOLED display


  • Brand: Pulsar
  • Model: Thermion 2 Pro XQ35
  • Magnification: 2.5-10x
  • Color: Black
  • Reticle: Multi
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Firearm Type: Rifle
  • Mount Type: Standard 30mm Rings
  • Run Time: 10 hrs
  • Wireless Capable: Yes
  • Field of View: 10.70 Degrees @ 100 ft.
  • Resolution: 384x288, 50Hz
  • Objective: 35mm
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Eye Relief: 50mm
  • Battery Size: Li-Ion Battery Pack
  • Zoom: Digital
  • Proofs: Shock / Water / Weather Proof
  • Modes: Black, Red, White Hot / Monochrome / Rainbow / Sepia / Ultramarine / Violet
  • Power Source: USB-C
  • Compatible With: Stream Vision App
  • Scope Type: Rifle Scope
  • Weight: 31 oz
  • Display: 1024x768 AMOLED HD
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Picture or Video: Photo / PiP / Video
  • Video Settings: .mp4

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