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QAD Ultra Rest MX2 Black - RH

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The MX on steroids, the MX2 is designed with a rugged stealthy capture bar and a robust 7075 aluminum launcher to withstand your most grueling hunts. The intricately machined launcher is bulletproof yet hushed thanks to the built-in color customizable dampers. The ULTRAREST® Integrate MX2 is packed with all the innovative technologies archers have come to expect from QAD including precision click micro-adjustments, drop-away, slow let-down, total containment and lock-down technology. A seamless connection to the Integrate Mounting System® guarantees a rock-solid mount and a trimmed down design, up to 60% lighter than Berger mount rests. Compatible with Integrate Mounting System® found on Mathews, Hoyt, PSE, Bowtech, Prime, Athens, Darton, Bear, Xpedition, and APA bows. Made in the USA. Limited lifetime warranty.


  • Replaceable launcher dampers allow for personal customization.
  • Launcher dampers reduce noise and vibration.
  • The launcher dampers have eliminated the need for prong felt. This results in quicker setup time.
  • Launcher damper durability far exceeds fork felt.
  • Improved compact launcher design that is even tougher than before yet intricately machined for an impressive look.
  • A redesigned rugged stealthy capture bar built 20% stronger than the MX version.

Smart Rest Technologies:

  • Total Containment Technology (TCT™)
  • Using the thumb lever, quickly load your arrow and cock the launcher into the 80° capture position. Your arrow will never fall off the rest and remains fully contained until you are ready to shoot.
  • The improved capture bar design is angled forward to allow for a compact capture window, limiting arrow bounce and movement when positioning your bow.
  • Velocity Drop-Away Technology (VDT™)
  • When the bow is drawn, the launcher rotates to 90° and VDT is activated. The launcher will drop only when the bow is fired. Slow let-down will return the rest to the 80° capture position, the arrow remains fully contained, and the bow is ready to draw again.
  • Lock Down Technology (LDT™)
  • When the launcher falls, LDT locks the launcher at 0° eliminating bounce back and ensuring total fletching clearance for the most accurate shots possible.
  • Safety Breakaway Technology (SBT™)
  • If the launcher is improperly forced down, it will safely breakaway preventing damage or injury.
  • Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT™)
  • Cam brake and dampers kill noise and vibration.
  • Redesigned launcher has been interlinked with composite dampers, eliminating the need for felt on the forks and reduces noise and vibration.
  • Micro-Click Technology (MCT™)
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment at .0019" per click. Anti-backlash technology ensures that every click is an adjustment - no more guessing.
  • EZ Clamp Technology (EZT™)
  • Quick and easy timing cord adjustments. No bow press or serving required.

Integrate Mounting System® Features:

  • Auto Level Technology (ALT™) automatically levels the rest with the riser for quicker tuning.
  • No mounting block, bolts, or set screws results in a sleek, lightweight design.
  • Dual dovetail clamps result in a 2x stronger hold than bolt mounted rests. The rest physically cannot rotate once locked down.
  • With the rest mounted to the rear face of the riser, low-profile quivers can be mounted closer to the riser, achieving a more balanced bow setup.

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